Windows recycle bin analysis tool

Porting effort

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Porting rifiuti2 to Solaris is proven to be the most problematic of all so far. Effort spent on FreeBSD and NetBSD are trivial; they almost work instantly except incompatibility of tools used in some test cases. Time spent on Solaris is more than the other platforms combined, partly due to...

Version 0.6.1 released

• release

This is a bug fix release addressing 3 issues: Big-endian systems have been ignored for all these days, as very few people belong to such user case. Most users would: Either directly run rifiuti2 on Wintel systems (little endian), or Take snapshot of file system and extract files on Linux...

Pain in timezone support

• development

Haven't anticipated the addition of timezone info has caused so much grief for me, though lots of “fun” are uncovered during the process.

Version 0.6.0 released

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Quite a long time since previous release (6.5 years). Actually I have thought about abandoning the software before, but some anonymous users persuaded me to keep it up by submitting patch for Windows 10 format. There was no way to get any info for this bug reporter (not even email...

Reason for abandoning MSYS 1.0

• development

There are multiple reasons for abandoning MSYS 1.0 as supported compile platform, in favor of MSYS2. Testsuite is guaranteed to fail. There are 2 issues here: MSYS 1.0 bash simply won’t work with non-ASCII path, which is listed as a test case in rifiuti2. All such paths are treated as...

Site is up

• site

Finally get the Github page set up done with Jekyll, instead of simply using README.md as a boilerplace webpage. Some learning curve is involved, but luckily not steep. Hope more about the analysis of different recycle bin formats can be written up later, in particular the less common Windows versions....